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People, Politics and Power
Essays on Irish History 1660-1850 in Honour of James I. McGuire

James Kelly (editor)
John McCafferty (editor)
Charles Ivar McGrath (editor)
John Bergin (editor)
Art Cosgrove (editor)
Clara Cullen (editor)
Patrick M. Geoghegan (editor)
James Kelly (editor)
Hazel Maynard (editor)
John McCafferty (contributions)
Publication date:
19th August 2009

Author Biography

James Kelly is head of the History Department at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, John McCafferty and Charles Ivar Mc Grath are members of the School of History and Archives at University College Dublin.


"People, Politics and Power" presents some of the most recent thinking on politics and society in Ireland from the Restoration to the Great Famine. Written by students and colleagues of James McGuire, the essays reflect McGuire's scholarly engagement with the interaction between the individual and the political arena, the Church of Ireland, the exercise of power in all its multifarious manifestations, and political biography. Each essay presents a new reading of the career of an emblematical figure, an important moment or a significant trend or issue, ranging across topics such as the legislative process, the politics of persuasion, life within the law and beyond it, constitutional change, religion and ideology. This book provides a stimulating new perspective on the various processes and influences that help to define people and their actions in Irish history between 1660 and 1850. James I. McGuire, the managing editor of the forthcoming seven-volume Dictionary of Irish Biography, lectured in history at University College Dublin for more than thirty years until his retirement in 2008.He was a highly respected editor of Ireland's leading history journal, Irish Historical Studies, for a number of years and is the author and editor of a series of seminal articles and collections that have had a major impact upon the historiography of Ireland. As chairman of the Irish Manuscripts Commission he has overseen a major revival in the published output and electronic resources of that body. As an undergraduate teacher and postgraduate supervisor, he nurtured sever generations of scholars in Irish history.