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Parnell to Pearse
Some Recollections and Reflections

John Joseph Horgan (author)
Professor John S. Horgan (author)
Paperback / softback,
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22nd July 2009

Author Biography

John Joseph Horgan (1881-1967) was a Cork-born solicitor, coroner, writer, and public figure for over half a century. Professor John S. Horgan (born 26 October 1940) is John J. Horgan's grandson. He is currently the Press Ombudsman. An author and former Labour Party politician who served from 1969 to 1981 as a senator and then as a TD. He was Professor of Journalism at Dublin City University before taking up the ombudsman post in 2007.


This little-known classic is a uniquely valuable insight into the fascinating and complex transitional period between the decline of nineteenth-century constitutional nationalism and the emergence of the modern Irish state, written by John J. Horgan, whose father had nominated Parnell for the Cork constituency in 1880. The author's account is based on his personal knowledge of the panoply of historical figures from "Parnell to Pearse", and on his own involvement as an activist and observer in the turbulent period that witnessed the extinction of the Irish Party. This title comes with an introduction by John J. Horgan's grandson, Professor John S. Horgan.