Irish Social Policy Series

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Professor Bryan Fanning

15th February 2018 · Paperback / softback

Migration and the Making of Ireland richly explores accounts of migrant experiences across more than four centuries. The motivations that drove migration to...

Patricia Kennedy

11th June 2008 · Paperback / softback

Explores many of the aspects of ageing in Ireland. This book serves as an appraisal of policy developments and as a point...

Sara O'Sullivan

20th August 2007 · Paperback / softback

Provides analysis of the transformations that have taken place in Ireland during the heyday of the Celtic Tiger. This book maps changes...

Professor Bryan Fanning

1st September 2006 · Paperback / softback

Focuses on the implications for Irish social policy of social change including the need to respond to changes resulting from immigration and...

Suzanne Quin

7th September 2005 · Paperback / softback

Drawing together the developments in mental health policy in recent years, topics covered in this textbook include international trends, health promotion, children,...

Suzanne Quin

19th April 2005 · Paperback / softback

A completely updated and revised edition of this comprehensive review of the range of social policy provision in Ireland - education, income maintenance,...

Professor Bryan Fanning

20th September 2004 · Paperback / softback

'Theorising Irish Social Policy' examines the theoretical debates underpinning Irish social policy. Topics covered include globalisation, the state and civil society, poverty...

Suzanne Quin

2nd June 2003 · Paperback / softback

New approaches to policy making, influenced by concepts of rights, partnership and integration, have led to major changes in service provision and...

Gabriel Kiely

3rd September 1999 · Paperback / softback

The historical development of Irish social policy is charted here, with discussion of major influences on policy formation. Ireland is presented in...