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Norbert Elias

28th November 2005 · Hardback

Includes essay 'On Seeing in Nature', a response to Karl Mannheim's famous paper on cultural competition, and a number of short stories contributed...

Norbert Elias

5th January 2009 · Hardback

Presents themes that represent major extensions of and reflections upon the ideas first advanced in "The Civilizing Process". This title includes topics such...

Norbert Elias

18th November 2013 · Hardback

Vol. 17 of the Collected Works can serve as an excellent introduction to Elias's thinking overall. In the last decade of his life,...

Norbert Elias

5th September 2011 · Hardback

Situates the human capacity for forming symbols in the long-term biological evolution of Homo sapiens, showing how it is linked through communication and...

Norbert Elias

6th June 2012 · Hardback

Beginning with the author's celebrated study of the changing standards of behaviour of the secular upper classes in Western Europe since the Middle...

Norbert Elias

25th April 2009 · Hardback

Contains 28 essays some of which directly express Elias' dissatisfaction with the ahistorical, present-centred trend of modern sociology. This book shows how wide...

Norbert Elias

5th October 2009 · Hardback

Between the end of the Second World War and his death in 1990, Elias published almost 60 articles on a wide range of...