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Norbert Elias

23rd February 2007 · Hardback

Aims to turn an ancient philosophical question - what is time? - into a researchable theoretical-empirical problem. What we call 'time' is...

Norbert Elias

18th November 2013 · Hardback

Vol. 17 of the Collected Works can serve as an excellent introduction to Elias's thinking overall. In the last decade of his life,...

Norbert Elias

28th November 2005 · Hardback

Includes essay 'On Seeing in Nature', a response to Karl Mannheim's famous paper on cultural competition, and a number of short stories...

Norbert Elias

8th December 2010 · Hardback

Demonstrates that individualisation is an inherent component of the personal socialisation process and of inter-generational civilising processes, exploding the myth of the...

Norbert Elias

2nd December 2005 · Hardback

A study of the life of the nobility at the royal court of France, especially under Louis XIV....