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Living with Cancer

Paul D'Alton (author)
Publication date:
1 October 2021

Author Biography

Dr Paul D'Alton is Head of the Department of Psychology at St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin and Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, University College Dublin. He has worked in cancer care for almost 15 years. Paul completed his clinical psychology training in Trinity College, Dublin in 2004 and has worked as a clinical psychologist, educator, and researcher since then. Paul has completed a number of funded research projects and is frequently invited to speak at national and international scientific gatherings. He has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles.


Every three minutes in Ireland someone is diagnosed with cancer. Incidence of cancer is growing and by 2021, one in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer. Due to advances in screening and treatment there are now more than 170,000 people living with and beyond cancer today in Ireland. Almost half of people diagnosed with cancer in England and Wales survive their disease for ten years or more. It is widely recognised that cancer is not just a physical illness. It has significant emotional and psychological impact on the individual and the family of those diagnosed. There is a plethora of information available, sometimes described as 'information overload' by those affected by cancer, it can be difficult to know where to start and, crucially, what to trust. It is also difficult for the clinician to know what to recommend to the patient. Living with Cancer: Hope amid Uncertainty aims to address the information overload often described by those affected by cancer. Leading psychologists, academics, counsellors, medical experts unite here to provide a non-jargon, reliable, peer reviewed, one-stop information shop for people diagnosed and living with cancer and for those who care for them. Living with Cancer is a deeply human and compassionate hand-book to guide people through the terror of a cancer diagnosis and will inspire hope amid the uncertainty for those living with cancer and their loved ones.