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Managing Your Own Learning at University

Aidan Moran (author)
Paperback / softback,
Publication date:
9th September 2018

Author Biography

Aidan Moran is Full Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Director of the Psychology Research Laboratory in UCD. A Fulbright scholar and Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (USA), he is an expert on the mental processes underlying elite performance in learning, sport, surgery and music. He has written and co-authored 16 books and has published extensively in high-impact journals in psychology, neuroscience, medicine and sport. He is a former psychologist to the Irish Olympic squad and has advised many of Ireland's leading athletes and teams.


Managing Your Own Learning at University is a practical self-help guide for new and continuing students who are faced with taking responsibility for their own studies in college and university. This completely revised and updated third edition of Aidan Moran's best-selling book offers a wealth of practical tips on doing your best when it matters most.Moran, a widely-published expert in cognitive psychology, sport psychology and neuroscience, uses psychological principles, checklists and exercises to guide you through the crucial learning skills you will need in university. These include motivating yourself to study, taking useful lecture notes, concentrating effectively, and learning to think critically. You will also find tips on developing new skills that have become essential to the modern student, such as how to make the most of virtual learning environments, how to overcome digital distractions, and how to prepare and deliver engaging talks and poster presentations. Written in a lively, accessible style and laced with compelling examples, this book is essential reading for all students who wish to fulfil their academic potential in college and university.