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Meet the Author - Trish Ferguson

Maud Gonne

Trish Ferguson (author)
Paperback / softback,
Publication date:
15th April 2019

Author Biography

Trish Ferguson is a Senior Lecturer in the English Department of Liverpool Hope University. She is the author of Thomas Hardy's Legal Fictions (2013) and the editor of Victorian Time: Technologies, Standardizations, Catastrophes (2013) and Victorian Fiction beyond the Canon (2016). She was recently awarded a BA/Leverhulme research grant and a Rose Library fellowship for her current research project on Maud Gonne.


Maud Gonne has long been viewed merely as a contemporary of more prominent literary, political and legal figures who played a role in Irish politics of the early twentieth century. While Eva Gore-Booth has been the subject of recent critical attention, much less notice has been paid to Gonne. This succinct biography highlights the significance of Gonne as a political and literary figure in her own right and utilises archival resources in a detailed study of her role as a political activist, journalist,reviewer and also as a founder and editor of nationalist publications. Drawing on previously unpublished correspondence and interviews, this book offers an important re-evaluation of Gonne's contribution to the political and social landscape of early twentieth-century Ireland. It contributes to the growing emphasis in scholarship on the roles played by women in the formation of the Irish state.