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in Sociologica, 2014

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Norbert Elias died on 1 August 1990.
To mark the twentieth anniversary, the German radio station WDR3
(Westdeutscher Rundfunk 3. Programm) broadcast a fifteen
-minute programme in its daily ZeitZeichen series

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The Collected Works of Norbert Elias

Norbert Elias (author)
Publication date:
28th May 2014

Author Biography

NORBERT ELIAS (1897-1990) was one of the greatest sociologists of the twentieth century His writings appeal to scholars far beyond his own discipline of sociology. They extend the theory of civilising processes in major contributions to the historical understanding of the growth of knowledge and the sciences, of sport and leisure, of art and literature, and of the interweaving of biological evolution with psychological and social developments over the whole span of human society.


The complete edition of 18 volumes of the Collected Works of Norbert Elias in English. Elias wrote in both English and German, and in all his work runs to 14 books and around 90 other essays, along with poems and numerous interviews. The 18 volumes of the Collected Works contain many writings not previously published in English, and a small number never published before. All of the texts have been thoroughly checked and revised, by editors who have a deep knowledge of Elias' thinking; they have inserted many clarifications, cross-references and explanatory notes. The scholarly editions of the Collected Works replace all earlier editions of Elias' work, and are indispensable for everyone who makes reference to his writings. The complete set of 18 titles consists of: 9781904558392 Vol. 1 Early Writings; 9781904558408 Vol. 2 The Court Society; 9781906359041 Vol. 3 On the Process of Civilisation; 9781904558927 Vol. 4 The Established and the Outsiders; 9781906359058 Vol. 5 What is Sociology?; 9781906359065 Vol. 6 Loneliness of the Dying & Humana Condition; 9781904558439 Vol. 7 Quest for Excitement; 9781904558422 Vol. 8 Involvement and Detachment; 9781904558415 Vol.9 An Essay on Time; 9781906359072 Vol. 10 The Society of Individuals; 9781906359089 Vol. 11 Studies on the Germans; 9781906359096 Vol. 12 Mozart & Other Essays on Courtly Art; 9781906359102 Vol. 13 The Symbol Theory; 9781906359010 Vol. 14 Essays I: On the Sociology of Knowledge and the Sciences; 9781906359027 Vol. 15 Essays II: On Civilising Processes, State Formation and National Identity; and, 9781906359034 Vol. 16 Essays III: On Sociology & the Humanities. It also includes: 9781906359119 Vol. 17 Interviews & Autobiographical Reflections; and, 9781906359126 Vol. 18 Supplements & Index to Collected. Works