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Parnell Reconsidered

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20th June 2013

Author Biography

Dr Donal McCartney is Emeritus Professor of Modern Irish History at UCD and President of the Parnell Society. Dr Pauric Travers is an educationalist and historian at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra.


This collection of essays by leading scholars and Parnell experts reconsiders Charles Stewart Parnell and the Parnell family legacy in the context of the late nineteenth century and in relation to the development of Irish politics and society in that period. Among the questions reconsidered are what Parnell understood by Home Rule; his attitude to separatism and his position in the nationalist spectrum; his extraordinary relationship with Gladstone; the context and significance of his famous ne plus ultra speech delivered at Cork in January 1885 and his defiant manifesto 'To the Irish people', issued after the O'Shea divorce scandal; and the role of the United Ireland newspaper in his career and his sometimes troubled relationship with the Press generally. New and revealing perspectives are offered on Parnell's attitude to religion; the impact of scandal on his career and reputation; the telling of national myth and the challenge to male authority presented by Anna Parnell and the Ladies Land League; the role of Paris in Parnell family history; and the part played by the drink trade in the nationalist movement and Parnell's skilful response to conflicting demands in this area.These essays, delivered at the Parnell Spring Day and other recent events, show that Parnell is a subject that still evokes curiosity and intrigue.This current volume of essays will appeal to the general history enthusiast and the dedicated scholar alike.