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Mike Gibney's Google Talk, February 21st 2013
discussing some of the main themes in his ground-breaking work
Something to Chew On

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modern food science

Listen to Mike Gibney discuss the food protection system
on RTÉ Radio One, January 2013

Something to Chew on
Challenging Controversies in Food and Health

Mike Gibney (author)
Paperback / softback,
Publication date:
28th May 2012

Author Biography

Professor Mike Gibney is Director of the Institute of Food and Health at University College Dublin. He has a global reputation for research on food and nutrition and he has served on all high-level advisory committees of national, EU and UN agencies. He is the author of a popular book Nutrition, Diet and Health (Cambridge University Press).


"Something to Chew On" is an informative and entertaining book which covers from a scientific point of view all of the worldwide controversies dominating the popular press in relation to the safety and wholesomeness of the modern food chain. It deals with the topics of organic food, GM foods, obesity, growing old, the integrity of food research, global warming, global malnutrition, consumer perception of food-borne risk, our gut bacteria, and how nutrition during pregnancy primes us for health in later life. Each chapter presents multiple arguments and comes to a well-supported conclusion. Mike Gibney provides interesting examples, reports and stories from many countries. The book is highly suitable for the general reader and will be an invaluable guide to the science of nutrition for students of food and health.