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The Depiction of Eviction in Ireland 1845-1910

L. Perry Curtis, Jr. (author)
Paperback / softback,
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5th May 2011

Author Biography

L. Perry Curtis, Jr, whose books include Coercion and Conciliation in Ireland (1963) and Apes and Angels (1971, 1997), retired from the Departments of History and Modern Culture and Media at Brown University in 2001 and now lives in Vermont.


Dispossession has a long and tortuous history in Ireland, reaching back to the eleventh century. In the Victorian era, evictions became major social, cultural and political events, especially with the notorious clearances of the Great Famine years. In numbers, evictions declined dramatically after the mid-1850s, but in terms of media attention and political import they reached their zenith in the 1880s after the founding of the Irish National Land League. When tenantry defended their abodes, reporters and artists flocked to the scene and their descriptions of these conflicts form the central part of this book. Drawing on memoirs, ballads, poems, folklore and novels and providing numerous illustrations of contemporary prints and photographs, Curtis provides the first book-length study of rural evictions over a period of sixty years.