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Mapping Irish Media
Critical Explorations

John Horgan (editor)
Barbara O'Connor (editor)
Helena Sheehan (editor)
Paperback / softback,
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3rd July 2007

Author Biography

John Horgan is former Professor of Journalism at Dublin City University Barbara O'Connor is Senior Lecturer in the School of Communications at Dublin City University Helena Sheehan is Associate Professor in the School of Communications at Dublin City University


"Mapping Irish Media" offers up-to-date research and analysis of the Irish media by Ireland's leading experts in the field. The book is sponsored by the School of Communications at Dublin City University and is specially intended as a much-needed textbook for the fast growing numbers of media studies students in Ireland. It is highly readable and also suitable for those with a general interest in the subject. The book focuses on a wide range of media including the more traditional broadcast and print media (newspapers, radio, and television and film), and also engages with newer media such as the internet and DVD, and newer media genres such as reality TV. Although the book is traditionally structured in sections on production, texts and audiences, the editors' intention has been to raise issues which cross-cut these different aspects. The contributors present a range of theoretical approaches, provide comparisons with the media in other countries, and consider in particular the effect of globalisation and increasing consumer choice.