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Gaelic Prose in the Irish Free State 1922-1939

Philip O'Leary (author)
Publication date:
2nd August 2004

Author Biography

Philip O'Leary is Associate Professor in the Irish Studies program at Boston College. His book, Ideology and Innovation: The Prose Literature of the Gaelic Revival, 1881-1921, was awarded the 1995 Donald Murphy Prize by the American Conference for Irish Studies, and nominated for the 1995 Irish Times prize for non-fiction. He is co-General Editor of the Cambridge History of Irish Literature


A continuation of the author's previous path-breaking book on the prose literature of the Gaelic Revival. For the first time, the development of a modern literature in Irish following the War of Independence and Civil War is outlined and analysed. This period saw an outpouring of book-length works in Irish from the state publishing agency An Gum, and the frequency and production of new plays, both original and translated, have never been approached since. Philip O'Leary has investigated all of these works as well as journalism and manuscript material. This book fills a large gap and will raise scholarly awareness of a major neglected aspect of the Irish cultural renaissance. The many quotations from the works discussed have been translated into English by the author, with the original Irish versions provided in the notes. Short biographies of the leading figures are given in an appendix.