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Wetlands of Ireland
Distribution, Ecology, Uses and Economic Value

Marinus L. Otte (editor)
Publication date:
15th July 2003


Ireland is famous - or notorious - for its wet and mild climate. Because on average more water precipitates than evaporates, the island is rich in wetlands - marshes, swamps, fens, bogs, lagoons, floodplains and wet meadows, to name but a few. Many place names in Ireland refer to wet places. Words derived from the Irish language are used to refer to a particular type of wetland, such as "callows" for the floodplains of the River Shannon, or "turlough" for a type of ephemeral wetland found almost exclusively in Ireland. This book brings together specialists in wetland science discussing a wide range of topics from an Irish perspective, including the ecology, fauna, vegetation and distribution of various types of wetlands; the use of wetlands for wastewater management; the archaeology of wetlands; and protection and conservation. It is intended for a wide audience of wetland enthusiasts - not just for professionals, but also for those who through their hobbies have a passion for those wet and wild places.