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John Fulton

21st July 2000 · Hardback

A study on young Catholics in the new millennium, looking at their views and behaviour in the following countries: Great...

Gabriel Kiely

3rd September 1999 · Paperback

The historical development of Irish social policy is charted here, with discussion of major influences on policy formation. Ireland is...

Margaret P. Treacy

3rd September 1999 · Paperback

An introduction to nursing and midwifery research. The first part introduces the strategies and processes of doing research. The second...

Tom Inglis

21st October 1998 · Paperback

The Catholic Church's monopoly over sexual morality in Ireland has been broken. Sex has become part of everyday social life....

Stephen Mennell

11th September 1998 · Paperback

Gives an introduction to Norbert Elias' work that is not part of the "Collected Works of Norbert Elias"....

Tom Inglis

3rd March 1998 · Paperback

This is an explanation of how the Catholic Church came to hold such a powerful position in Irish society, and...

Mary J. Kelly

19th September 1997 · Paperback

Exploring key areas relating to media, power and cultural identity, this study looks at the effects of the media in...

Anne Cleary

19th September 1997 · Paperback

These essays on health and illness from a sociological perspective, look at health and health models within social and political...

Karola Dillenburger

27th August 1997 · Paperback

Organized in three parts, conceptual issues, applied issues and experimental issues, this book focuses on advanced topics in behaviour analysis...