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Joseph Ruane

12th November 1999 · Paperback / softback

This work analyzes the changes in Northern Ireland which produced and have followed from the Good Friday Agreement. It aims...

Joseph Johnston

1st September 1999 · Paperback / softback

Joseph Johnston was an Ulster Protestant Liberal, in favour of Home Rule by Britain. He published this book in 1913...

Jacqueline R. Hill

16th December 1998 · Hardback

This collection of essays begins with an examination of the changing theories of luxury and austerity since classical times and...

James Green Douglas

16th November 1998 · Hardback

These memoirs were written in the late 1940s and cover events in Ireland from 1916-26. Besides casting fresh light on...

Patrick Sarsfield O'Hegarty

21st October 1998 · Paperback / softback

"The Victory of Sinn Fein", originally published in 1924, contains eyewitness accounts of the events in Ireland 1916-23, written from...

Tom Inglis

3rd March 1998 · Paperback / softback

This is an explanation of how the Catholic Church came to hold such a powerful position in Irish society, and...

John A. Watt

9th February 1998 · Paperback / softback

The history of medieval Ireland was shaped by the friction between Irish and English cultures. The ecclesiastical dimension of this...

Peter J. Lucas

29th October 1997 · Hardback

The author explores what is known about the medieval publishing process through the work of John Capgrave (1393-1464), a prolific...

Arnold Schrier

1st October 1997 · Paperback / softback

By demonstrating how the emigration after the Great Famine affected the economy, agriculture, housing, industry and even the customs and...