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William McComb

14th July 2003 · Paperback / softback

An account of Daniel O'Connell's visit to Belfast in January 1840 where Presbyterian leader Henry Cooke publicly challenged O'Connell to...

John Sarsfield Casey

7th December 2004 · Paperback / softback

This very vivid memoir describes the prison experiences of a Cork Fenian activist, John Sarsfield Casey. 'The Galtee Boy' was...

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna

26th April 2004 · Paperback / softback

This volume is an abridged edition of Tonna's personal recollections, which includes her memoir of visiting Ireland in the mid-1820s....

D.P. Moran

6th December 2006 · Paperback / softback

Addresses the Catholic professional class educated in secondary schools run by religious orders. This book shows that the Gaelic Revival...

William Cooke Taylor

7th December 2004 · Paperback / softback

Soon after Daniel O'Connell's death, Taylor published (as 'A Munster Farmer') this short account of the Liberator's life, drawing on...

Wilfrid Ewart

21st November 2008 · Paperback / softback

Presents memories of the author's journey of April and May 1921. This title offers an account that provides a portrait...

Harold Begbie

30th March 2006 · Paperback / softback

Presenting an account of a tour of Ireland by a pro-Home Rule British Liberal journalist, this title provides interviews and...

Frank Frankfort Moore

24th September 2007 · Paperback / softback

Comprises the author's recollections of Victorian Belfast and Bangor between his childhood in the 1860s and his departure for London...