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James Joyce Remembered Edition 2022

C.P. Curran (author)
Helen Solterer (editor)
Hugh Campbell (contributor)
Diarmaid Ferriter (contributor)
Anne Fogarty (contributor)
Margaret Kelleher (contributor)
Publication date:
15th Mar 2022

Author Biography

Helen Solterer is Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA. Her writing and teaching cross her first focus on early modern literature and culture and her work in twentieth-century cultural history. Timely Fictions in French, her latest book supported by the Guggenheim Foundation, is nearing completion. Other books include: the co-edited Migrants Shaping Europe: Multi-lingual Literatures, Social Cultures, Visual Arts, Medieval Roles for Modern Times, Theater and the Battle for the French Republic, translated into French, and The Master and Minerva, in a feminist vein.


In 1968, Conn Curran summed up his life-long companionship with Joyce, including the 1904 photograph he took of his friend in his family's back garden. With this re-issue of Curran's book, another group of University College Dubliners takes a new look at his work, delving into the Curran-Laird collection at the James Joyce Library.

Side by side with Joyce, Curran, arts critic, and Helen Laird Curran, his activist partner, come into clearer view; writer-critic adventurers Padraic and Mary Maguire Colum return again; savant Paul Leon, in Paris, takes his place too. The literary, cultural, and political context widens: the Irish wars, erupting again in 1922 as Ulysses begins circulating; the Paris-Dublin rescue operation of this group's papers at Joyce's death, suspended – and accomplished – in this time of violence.

The 2022 collective edition offers an uncommon picture of this inventive and committed cohort, their work, and their worlds.

With essays by Hugh Campbell, Diarmaid Ferriter, Anne Fogarty, Margaret Kelleher and Helen Solterer. The UCD Curran-Laird collection presented by Eugene Roche and Evelyn Flanagan.

This is a full colour, highly illustrated book with special edition design features throughout.