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Mingling of Swans
A Cork Fenian and Friends 'Visit' Australia

John Sarsfield Casey (author)
Paperback / softback,
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14th September 2010

Author Biography

John Sarsfield Casey (1846-96) was born in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, and became involved in the Irish Republican Brotherhood while still at school. He was deported to Australia in 1867. He returned to Ireland in 1870 after an amnesty and remained active in land and nationalist agitation until his death. Casey's The Galtee Boy, an account of his Fenian activities in Cork, has also been published in the Classics of Irish History series. MAIREAD MAUME is a graduate of University College Cork and former teacher. PATRICK MAUME is a researcher with the Dictionary of Irish Biography. MARY CASEY is John Sarsfield Casey's granddaughter.


Casey was one of a group of Fenians arrested in 1865 in Cork and transported to Western Australia with other Fenians captured in the abortive 1867 Rising. "A Mingling of Swans" includes Casey's unpublished account of his experiences as a convict on roadwork parties, as well as correspondence by Casey and other Fenians, and some articles by Casey on his impressions of Western Australia which were published in Dublin separatist newspapers. Casey portrays with humour and determination the harsh conditions endured by Fenian prisoners.