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Renovation or Revolution?
New Territorial Politics in Ireland and United Kingdom

John Coakley (author)
Paperback / softback,
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19th April 2005

Author Biography

John Coakley is Associate Professor of Politics and Director of the Institute for British/Irish Studies at University College Dublin; Brigid Laffan is Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics and Director of the Dublin European Institute at University College Dublin; Jennifer Todd lectures in politics at University College Dublin.


"Renovation or Revolution" - opens a new field of British/Irish studies, beyond devolution studies in the United Kingdom, and beyond Northern Ireland conflict studies. It examines the redistributions of power and the new networks of policy making on these islands. It analyses the extent to which they represent the emergence of a new regional British/Irish political arena within a European and international context. It asks whether we are seeing an emergent revolution in the territorial politics of these islands or whether the changes are simply renovations of an older territorial pattern. This book discusses in detail the implementation of constitutional reforms in Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and in British, North/South, British/Irish, European and international perspectives.